Saturday, June 13, 2009

Satan or Simon the kitty?

Yes, That is the question! Is this really satan or the cuddly housepet named Simon? Well, if one were to ask me this morning or to look at my wound, the answer I would give would be satan!! Not kidding, there I was just minding my own buisness seeing this cute cuddly cat on the floor, when all of a sudden, I was being stalked by the devil! I would try to run to my mom' s room to lock myself in there, but alas! There would be simon right in front of the door. Tried to run down the hall to my room, and again! There was simon, Now, Simon has already taken to jabs at my leg, and won. I called for my mom to come help me, she had to pin simon up against the wall, as I ran down the hall and locked myself in their bedroom! Haha. My mom, still outside with the devil, had to figure out a way to pry him from against stalking the door, and made him go outside. Finally, I heard the coast was clear, so I went out with hesitation, looked out the front door, and there he is, the devil, with pupils dialated just giving me the eye. I was sure scared! Needless to say, DO NOT MESS WITH SIMON BEFORE NOON! I learned the hard way, abut I know someone had to be sarificed in order to figure out the rules with this kitty, Sadly, it had to be my leg!
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