Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 With The Spencer's.....

Another year has come and gone. Where does the time go!? 2011 - you where great. 2012 - bring it on!!!! Here is a quick re-cap since we last met. ( I'm bad at blogging, I know. )
September brought us to our one year anniversary! I can't believe we have been married over a year! It seems like we just gotten married :) We are having so much fun being married and doing the will of our Father in Heaven. We are blessed. ;)
October - Eh.. nothing to much going on there! I went down to Arizona at the end of october to be with loved ones through their hard time and gained a better testimony of the power of prayer. Our family is one special family!
November - Dun , Dun, Dun... Tannis recieved her 'big girl" calling - First Counselor in the Relief Society.... yowza! I was not expecting that one! But, I am super excited with this calling and the chance to get to know the sisteres in our ward better and to help them :) We also had 2 Thanksgiving's this year! Twas so delicious! We had thanksgiving with my family and with clayton's family. so nice to be with our families.. Love them!
December - What a busy month it was! Between work and church we have been so busy this month! We got to have Christmas with the siblings at jayson's house on the ranch. It had been over 4 years since we had all been together. It was so fun! And clayton finally got to meet my older brother Shaun and his wife Daniela and their kids.
I started to have a bit of a blue Christmas for a while because I really thought that we would have had/or having a baby by now :( but, we look with hope towards 2012 and faith in our Heavenly Father and his time. It definitely isn't easy and it is most definitely hard. I'm so grateful for Clayton and his unwavering faith and his ability to reassure me when month after month no baby came. He is such a good man. A worthy priesthood holder, and my best friend.
So, 2011 thank you. 2012 - We look forward with a "brightness of Hope..."

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