Tuesday, July 31, 2012

sUmMeR loViN'

 Ok, where to begin! Well, we moved again! ha! We were offered a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house for cheaper rent out in bluewater. So we took it! We officially moved out on friday, the 27th. We have a great yard out there and great potential for the house.

After the fourth of july, my sister and her kids came to visit and so did my cousin and her kids! It was so much fun having them here! we went swimming, ate delicious food and did more swimming! it was a blast!

After we moved into the new house in bluewater, we got a kitty cat. Well, actually my parents had gotten the cat but their other cat (Luke Skywalker) did not like the new cat so much so hence, our new kitty Obi Juan. He is a gentle cat and loves to cuddle. but man does he shed!

More importantly this summer was my birthday (haha)! I had to work and so did clayton so my co-workers made me a cake and took me out to lunch with my mom, then clayton took me out to dinner - then off to my parents house for key lime pie. It was a great day! 

Also this summer, WE WENT TO DISNEYLAND!!! Oh.my.gosh. We had so much fun at disneyland! It was so nice to get away and just be with each other and have no distractions or work or family functions. Like I said, It was so nice. Pictures are to come! We almost didn't go. We were actually planning a trip to vegas during that time with our friends but they ended up not being able to go. We had the time off approved already and wanted to get away so I said to myself, self, why not take clayton to disneyland since he hasn't been there and hasn't lived. So i put the cards on the table for Clayton and he said lets do it. So we did. It was nice to be alone. This infertility stuff really takes a toll on us individually, and it takes a toll on our relationship. It was nice to go and gather our selfs and just enjoy one another. We really needed this break. It was sad to come back home and get back into the swing of things!

It has been a great, fast, busy summer! Bring on the fall :)

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