Tuesday, August 26, 2014

tHe BiRtH sToRy...

Here it goes:
 My pregnancy had actually been a little smooth sailing once the cerclage was put in in january. We found out we were having a boy in February and couldn't have been more excited! My cervix had been measuring quite well given that I haven an abnoramally short one! March was pretty uneventful for us too. Which was a good thing! April came, and by the middle of april I was 26 weeks. I went to my dr. appointment and we found out that I had started funneling. Not good. So, my hours were reduced at work to 6 hrs a day, then off to rest at home after that. At each appointment my cervix kept funneling and funneling. It looked like a tornado up in therrrr. Finally, at my appointment in the beginning of May, (I had been going every other week the entire pregnancy) the funneling had gotten to a point where I needed to go on bedrest. Which was fine by me.... I would have done anything to keep mr. jack in! While On bedrest, we discovered that I had gestational diabetes as well... suck. The way to help with that is walk.. which I couldn't do. So a drastic change of diet for me and off to the couch I lay. Come the first weekend in June, we had a surprise birthday party for my dad who turned 60. All but 2 of my siblings came down, and with all that excitement my body had decided to start contractions at the non stress test. Enough and consistant enough to hospitilize me. We honestly thought we were going to have a baby there at 32 weeks... :( I was given a rescue dose of steroid shots.. I had been given the first dose at 30 weeks just because my cervix kept getting shorter...And started on magnesium. The contractions had stopped until the middle of the night and they picked up again so the doctor had the nurse give me a shot of terbutaline to see if that would help stop the contractions. It did, and I didn't have another one. I was discharged the next day (the day of the party) and made it home in time to lay on the couch in my backyard where the party was held and enjoy everyone. Phew. No baby, no NICU, no helicopter ride! Hallelujah. Once I made it to 34 weeks, the docter and I felt like we were on borrowed time now. haha. I was continuing to go in for weekly non stress tests for the baby and weekly appointments with ultrasounds. :) perk of being high risk! Our goal from the beginning was to make it to 36 weeks and thanks to the cerclage we had finally done so!! The doctor truly did not believe we would make it to there. Neither did we! So, I turned 36 weeks on friday, June 27th, and the doctor scheduled the cerlcage to come out Monday, June 30th. She had us be admitted to the hospital because we didn't know how fast I would dilate or if my water would break since I was basically down to the stitch. That is all that was holding jack in. So, she takes the stitch out and I instantly dilate to a 6! I went from a 1 to a 6 in less than a second. So she keeps me there for observation and to see if I would go into labor and after a couple of hours and some walking I wasn't having consistant enough of contractions to keep me, so home I went and no bedrest! yay! My mom and I did lots of last minute shopping and errands that day, and that ment lots of walking! Tuesday, I went to Zumba with here and I just sat there until the last 2 songs and just walked in place. Again, lots of errands and walking and no contractions.Not a dang one! but, that night (this is tuesday) I get into bed all settled down and boom, contractions every 6-8 minutes apart.So I watch them for an hour and they stay consistent. I call my mom, and she says go in.But, I didn't feel like I should. So I take a bath and go to bed and they stop. I fal asleep and I wake up to more contractions and I can't sleep with them. So again, I watch for an hour and I wake clayton up telling him its time. They didn't hurt, but they were definitely there. So we go in, get checked in and get hooked up to the monitor and the dr. was already there delivering another baby. Seh comes in, checks me and says I am still at a 6, but like 90% effaced. So she says to keep me in and monitor. She comes back a couple of hours later and I am still having them and she gives me the choice of staying there or going home. So we said stay here and wait a few more hours.. She comes in the morning like around 6 and says well. should we break your water? or send you home to wait.. So we said, uh.. no more going home break that water! lol. She breaks my water.. which she had a hard time doing that.. It wouldn't break!Once she does I instantly start having the transitional contractions in my pelvis! It felt like my pelvis was on fire!! We do this for a couple of hours and I tell the nurse I wants the epidural! So he comes and puts that beautiful drug in and after that I was a whole new person. She checks me again and she says that he has to break through scar tissue.. which is why I have stayed at a six the whole time. So like 20 minutes later she checks me and I am at an 8! yay! he has broke through! she checks me 10 minutes later and its time to push! At this point I start to freak out in my head that wow, we're having a baby! So, I start pushing and I push for 2 hours and turns out he was head and hands first, so after another push the doctor decided we needed to vaccuum him out because his heartrate was dipping..So, they have me push and hook him up and do another big push and just like that, our sweet Jack, Jack was born and we were in HEAVEN!

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