Monday, September 22, 2014

2 mOnThS!

Jack is 2 months! Holy Smokes! Time is flying by so quickly. I wish it would slow down for me! At two months jack weighed in at 10 lbs. He is such a happy baby. He sleeps through the night ( woot woot!) and wakes up at 5 to eat, then goes right back to sleep. He is eating 4-6 ounces.. He is my little chunker. He gets pissed when he is hungry. Loves his mama! Won't let dad feed him when mama is around, loves to be held and face out to see everything. Wakes up with smiles on his face. Absolutely hates, hates, hates, HATES tummy time. Were working on that.
 Jack brings so much joy into our lives! He is truly our rainbow baby. The sun rises and sets with him in our book :) Now, enjoy some pictures of Jack Jack. He looks so much like his great grandpa martinez! He also had his first play date with our friends Kendal and laura Cash's new baby Holden. Of course they both slept through it. Stinkers.

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