Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well I hope you all had a happy fourth of july! I sure did! My lovely cousin Sarah flew in to hang out for the weekend! We are having so much fun! I love this girl! I have been house sitting for a friend so we have been staying there, its so fun catching up with her! For the fourth of july, we got read, and headed over to the riverwalk area since they had some booths up and we got some snow cones, delicious! We didn't make it to the parade... it was too early for us :) But after that we headed over to Kory and April Cash's house for a BBQ! IT was so fun! After all our food had settled and what not we decided to all play a game of crochet! It was so fun! Many good memories made there! After that we headed back to the house that I was house sitting and set up a little area up on their wall so we could watch the fireworks! We had the best view! The fireworks were great! I am so grateful to live in a country that is free! Thank you men and women of the military for keeping it this way!
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