Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things I think are lamespice!

1. Victoria Secret's Pear Lotion!
I wore it when I thought I was dying of the flu,
and never have been able to wear it since then!

2. Having to wait 61 days to get divorced,

when you have no property or children together!

Seriously! why have to wait! have no assets together

so just rip the band aide off!

3. the gift of knowledge is amazing!

and I am so grateful that we are able to

learn and make our knowledge grow!

But what really gets me is when people who

are smart and know it, let you know that they are smarter

than you, seriously, i get it that your smart! geez now leave

me alone!

4. Transformers! man! what is the big deal about!

seriously, a car turns into a robot, big deal!

I never have liked transformers and I won't lie, I think

it is rather gay. there. My name is Tannis and I think transformers are lamespice!

I believe this is all for now, but these are just a few things I think are lamespice!

I tag anyone who follows this blog to do it!


dntbaker said...

umbers.. i'm telling devin what you said about smart people... i mean trasformers :)

Tannis Hine said...

haha I was hoping you would tell him :)

Aaron & Jayme said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the comment! I hope you're doing good. I see we definitely have lots to catch up on! Miss ya!