Thursday, November 19, 2009

the divorce diet.

Yes. That is me. a whole 50 lbs lighter! What do I owe it to you may ask? Well I'll tell you. The divorce diet! What is this diet you wonder? Step one : cut out negative thoughts. Step two: increase spiritual experiences. Step three: make sure divorce papers are finalized. Step four: incorporate heaping amounts of moving on. Step five: work you bum off. Step six: dig out your old skinny jeans. and Realize you found yourself once again! :) Step seven: Count your blessings not calories! That is it.

Now, next bit of news. I have decided to change my location. Where? I'll tell ya

Yes! Utah my friends! I am so ready for a change and to start my life over on my own :) I am hoping to move by the beginning of next year! What will I do there. Work.. for now! I am super duper excited. Probably be going to the salt lake ish area! So utah, ready or not here I come!

Work is going good. Working me lots. but it makes for good paychecks so there you go. Other than that.. nothing new! Hope ya'll have a great thanksgiving!


dntbaker said...

i'm going to feel soo frumpy now at thanksgiving!!!
you look great.. so does that mean for me to lose 50lbs i need a divorce?

Aubry June said...

OH TANNIS!! I LOVE YOUR GUTS!!! but i am a lil sad you are moving to Utah not gonna lie! lol i miss you like crazy! :)