Sunday, November 1, 2009

yikes october.. where did you go!

Well hello all! It surely has been a while! October just came and went!

Well what is new for me you ask? A whole lot of nothing I reply! Work is going pretty good. Its not my favorite place to work, but I am very grateful that i have a job in these tough times! so here is my recap of october.

Here we go.

I got to go visit my sister and her kiddo's in the beggining! They are getting so stinkin cute! I wish i lived closer to them. And tanya we had so much fun being girls!! We did her hair, bought loads of hair crap because every girl needs hair stuff. Plain and simple. Then I came back home and worked worked worked. Then, My super fun friends in flagstaff have wanted me to come up for a while and I finally got days off and went up to see them! Ah I haven't seen mary lynne and lela yikes since a long time! So i went up there for the weekend and had so much fun! Min min and I pretty much have a lot in common! Its a little freaky but its so fun! And lela! Congrats girl on getting engaged! It was way fun to give out wedding ideas and what not. For halloween jorge and I went to the burque and went to a corn maze! It was so fun! Then after that we went to red robin and then headed to the mall to people watch until it was time to go see a movie. FYI paranormal activity is probably the scariest movie on earth! I closed my eyes just about thru the whole thing. But the day was still fun!

As for other things. This month was a hard month too. It would have been my 2 year anniversary on the 27th and it was his birthday on the 31st. yikes. It was hard but I do not for one minute regret my deciscion. But I am grateful for this experience because it has really helped me to become closer to my savior, and really understand the Atonement and its purpose in my life. It has also helped me to truly realize that I am a beloved daughter of my Heavenly father! and That I need to treat my self as one and also that I desrved to be treated like one! I love that I have that knowledge! I also am very grateful that I can attend the temple! It has helped me thru this so much! It was the best counsel that a bishop could have given me! So, I can truly tell you all that I am happy! I didn't think that I could get there but I did! I'm not saying that I am totally over it because no, I'm not. it will take a while. But Its time to let go. And I think today i finally did it when I bore my testimony in church. I am still standing. I am not broken anymore. I am A beloved daughter of my Heavenly Father who loves me! And I know that one day I will re marry and It will be with the right person and he will love me for who I am and truly cherish me and I can and will again fully give my heart to someone!

So october, thanks for coming and see you next year! haha. Hope you all had a great october too!
Oh and I have more pictures to put up. But this thing is being gay. so picture lata!


dntbaker said...

come back! i miss you. thank you for your testimony.. you are my hero!

Ryan & Kim Pease said...

your posts always makes me smile soooo much..your such a strong super woman. your new nick name.. SW Tannis! BTW.. CUTE PIC AT THE CORN MAZE!!! Post some more.. I've missed readind...stalking.. (same thing) you!