Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life is Good.

If you ask me if I am happy - my response would be yes! ah.. its about dang time! ha. Life is good! Its been a while since I last blogged... so catch up time is needed! Here we go:

December - It came and went! I thought it would be hard, but I only had my little moment like 2 weeks before Christmas. That was it! Quit impresed myself. Christmas was great. It was just me, the rents then jayson and erica came on christmas day. good fun.

January - Ah...really 2009? really? see ya later! hello 2010! January was quite good to me. I got promoted! woot woot! I am now like working as an assistant to the director of nursing.. and got promoted again.. haha I am what they call a CNA II where i am a mentor/trainer/supervisor to the CNA's.. not to shabby! got a raise with it.. its awesome! Hmm.. also started dating :) going quite well too! He's fun! I'm havin fun! Life seriously is great!

That's my little recap.. I am very grateful for what's going on in my life right now. I got a second chance at it.. and not most people do.. I'm proud to say that I actually weigh less than when I started dating aaron many moons ago! I hope all is going fabulous for everyone! Happy Valentine's day!


Ryan & Kim Pease said...

You look FABULOUS!!! And seem more happy than EVER!!!! We are so happy for you!!

brandon240 said...

YAY for Tannis!!!!! You deserve everything good that's happened to you lately! You are soooo much better off!

Tannis Hine said...

why thank you guys!! :)

Aubry June said...

I love you I miss you! please come visit phx soon! AZ misses you terribly! but it doesn't miss you as much as I do! :)