Friday, November 26, 2010

um nine months tannis.... really?

Well as I was looking at other peoples blogs and looking at their friends list.. I saw my name... and underneath that was that horrilbe number... nine. Nine freakin months. I'm lame. sorry. So to recap a little...

Lets see... in March, Clayton and I decided that we wanted to be together forever :) he proposed at of course i said yes!! It was very romantic too! We also went to a lobo game for clayton's birthday... it was very fun. His girlfriend had the best idea. haha.

April- uh yeah. not so fun. Started out great. We were newly engaged at headed with our YSA group to Utah for general conference. Was AMAZING! So we came home feeling fresh, excited, and ready to start planning. Well On april fifteenth, tax day i know... Clayton had been wanting to take me on a motorcycle ride.. so finally the 15th sounded good to us. So after work I head out to bluewater and clayton has the bike all ready to go and helmets for us.. Well... the big noggin that I have didn't fit for the helmet so we decided to go without (DUMB) we know. So we go for a nice ride around bluewater village... then decided to head to the lake and check it out... yikes. We take the old highway (which was under construction.. more dangerous) and exit on the bluewater state park exit.. and start heading down the canyon... We enjoying life and the weather and start going around the steep turns.. We go around the first one no problem.. go around the second just fine.. Then we hit the third one... and its down hill so the bike starts accelerating and we hit the turn too fast and hit the gravel too fast and before i know it i'm flying off the bike and tumble for about ten feet. Somehow in that tumble i remembered to protect my head.. As soon as I stop tumbling my thoughts immediately turn to clayton... i run back up to check on him and i see him laying there... having a seizure... (scared out of my mind) so i wait till he's done it was only a minute or so but felt like 5 hours.. and have him focus on me while i dial 9-1-1. And at first it didn't go through because there was no reception.. but then the emergency mode kicked in and i got through to them.. By that time, some people had pulled up behind us and they were on the line with 911 also, so I sat by clayton talking to him... were both banged up and bloody... and clayton is bleeding from his head.. and he's repeating the same questions every thirty seconds... man i was terrified.. so the ambulence and the cops show up and get clayton on a stretcher and they are asking me questions and they load us up into the ambulnce. I cannot leave claytons side because he would start to freak out if he couldn't see me. He still doesn't know what is going on... we get to the hospital and my parents and his family are already there waiting for us. They take clatyon right away and have me follow by his side... it was hectic from there... So there i sat by his side while they to tests on him and what not.. At this point they told us that he had a bleed in his brain, and that they were thinkin that his orbital bone, and his zygomatic arch (cheeck bone) had shattered into his sinus' and that he needed to get out of here right away to a trauma center. They had called albuquerque and they didn't have any beds available and UNM so they decide to air lift him to The St. Joseph's trauma Center in Phoenix... alright. Clayton was doing a little better (thanks to the priesthood blessing he was given) But still needed me by his side so I flew with him to phoenix... they just threw some gauze on my cuts and what not and off we went. I could still hear him ask the gal in the plane.. where's tannis? is she ok? And they would tell him yes she is.. she's up front with the pilot. So we get to the other hospital and they whisp him away without a blink. Lucky for us though. we Had my sister Tanya, my brother Jayson and clayton's cousin Jodi meet us at the hospital. We waited and waited until they let us see him. When we saw him.. they had cleaned him up and were getting ready to take him to his room in the neuro icu. So we go up there and they get him comfortable and they only allow one person with him at night so i slept on the couch right beside him.. they did neuro checks during the night and by then 5am came around and his mom my mom and his sister show up. So I gave them the scoop and by then those bones that were shattered were now just perfectly in place fractures... and his bleed in his brain had gone away... and he was put on a soft diet for a couple of weeks... It was truly the power of that blessing that our injuries were not worse. All the doctors were astonished that we walked away from this accident... It should have severely injured us or worse. We are so grateful for our Heavenly father and his plan for us. He definately has more instore for us on this earth! So that pretty much somnes up april and may. May was just recovery time.

June- Still waiting to set a date for our sealing. Had to turn in papers and what not.

July- Got promoted to ward secretary/inventory clerk. PRetty exciting.

August-Clayton gets a sweet job deal with Air Pro's. They are sending him to heating and cooling HVAC school and working part time with them in the mean time.

September-Wedding TIme! just making preparations for the upcoming wedding :). We were married and sealed on Sept. 18 In the Albuquerque Temple. What a beautiful day that was! Words can't describe the feelings we felt that day. Truly a blessing for us to be sealed and have a forever family!

October- Ain't no thang.. just working for us and school for clayton

November- Same as above just add Thanksgiving into that :) we are so blessed and are enjoying the married life!

I hope that gives you all a good update!

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