Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

If you are curious as to the title of this blog - that basically sums up our life for the past nine months!!! hahahaha. Seriously though, this has been our life (not complaining by no means!) Tannis - work, come home, work, come home, work, come home... Clayton - work. school. home. work. school. home. That's basically it! I was shampooing my hair the other day and for some reason I always look at the directions. I have too, reassure's me that I am doing something right. ha. But anyway if you look at it it goes Directions: shampoo, rinse, repeat. And I thought to my self,hmmm that is pretty much clayton and I's life right now and I chuckled to my self and went on with my bidness.. But We love our life. Its a quiet life for now (not for long i hope!) and its our life and we love it. In December we had our well technically it was our second christmas together because christmas of 2009 we went walking on ice... but it was our first christmas married and it was fantastic :) january - we celebrated our one year anniversary from when we started dating. cuh razy!! february we were in another accident!! seriously!?!?! I have never been in any kind of accident until i started dating Clayton... Just saying :) It was minor and no injuries to our bodies but our poor little subaru suffered badly. But thank goodness for the other person's insurance and my awesome father in law (who just happens to be a mechanic) and in april our subaru was fixed! April - nada. haha May- ETHAN CAME HOME!!!! basically the highlight of the month! It is so amazing how much he as grown and how he has the same sense of humor! i love it! It was a little intersting though, when ethan left, I was just separated and when He came home i was married to someone else... It is interesting how life changes. I definately didn't see that in my cards! ha. Now it is june, but it is only the second so far so good! In july Clayton graduates!!!!!! About dang time!!! His graduation is july 28.. And it can't come soon enough! We are ready for a pay increase and a break on the freakin prices of gas! its not easy when he has to go in to alb mon-fri and get gas mon-fri.. ouch.. But we are very grateful that he is was able to go to school! I forgot march in there, obviously nothing too important happened... hahaha

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dntbaker said... are cute sissy. :) so do you have to repeat after you wash your hair, and then when do you know when you can stop if you are always suposed to repeat? :) just sayin