Thursday, May 10, 2012

life lately.

Welp, it has been a month since I last posted so I thought I better get on the ball. During this month there has been work, church, a wedding, moving, dr.'s visit, a new baby announced, time spent with friends and family, family moving here... It has been a crazy month!
Lets start with work. Work is work. haha. I would love to not have to work but, I do. so there.
Church is great! I find great strength in it. It is my home away from home and Clayton and I absolutely love our callings!

Clayton's brother Aron married a girl named Audrey on the 28th of April. It was nice. They are having a baby boy in september.

WE moved!!! (across the street.) We up graded our one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom 2 bath house! It is so nice to have a yard and space and privacy!! And I realized that clayton and I are hoarders. We are working on this. We absolutely love our house though. We are just renting but, hopefully in the next couple of years we can purchase a house!

Ah, the Dr.... yeah.. I had a Dr. appointment on the 27th of April. It went really good. the doctor was very comforting and put me on provera to regulate and took some labs and I have a follow up appointment on the 14th of this month to see if I need to be put on clomid to get our babies coming. It was a good appointment but hard also. It isn't fun hearing that you are going to have a bit of difficulty getting pregnant. Not fun at all.

A baby annoucned... well, clayton's brother kurt and his wife are having baby number 2. I found this out right after my dr. appointment. Needless to say, many a tear has been shed because I did not need to hear that on that day. I am very happy for them. I'm sad for us. It has been really hard on me.

Friends and Family!!~!! What would I do without them? be a wreck is what.  WE have some of THE best friends and family anyone could ask for. The offer the best support and sometimes the best shoulder to cry on. Love them!

Other good news is my cousin Cindy and her little cute family moved up here!!!! I am so excited for them and for me! They are real fun to be around!

So This has been our month. A good month, a hard month and everything else!