Thursday, March 22, 2012

Whats a happenin' hot stuff!?

Welp, a lot has happened since the last post! Clayton and I welcomed another nephew! Samuel Lee Spencer was born on Feb 21st and he is the custest little man :) we sure love him!

Sleepy Sam

His first smile for his aunt tanni :]

Uncle clayton and sam chillen'

On March 17th my grandma decided to throw a sweet retreat at her cabin in Greer, AZ. There wasn't many in attendance but we certainly did have fun with those who did come :) All is well at the casa de spencer's. We are just working and churching. We are looking forward to the next couple of weeks! I am going to the doctor on the 2nd to get this baby process in gear! Hopefully it is just something minor going on!

This weekend we are going to watch our good friends get Sealed for Time and all Eternity!! I am so excited for that little family :) such a neat experience and blessing to them and their childred! Then we are going to go watch the Hunger Games!!!! Woot Woot! We love our blessed life.

Next weekend Aunt Tanni and Uncle Clayton get to babysitt Ezra and Rylie! We are so excited to go down to arizona and see those cute kids! It has been too long! It doesn't hurt seeing their parents either ;) we miss them too!

These are the happs for the spencer family! Hope all is well with yours :)

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