Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another First.....

Another first happened to me yesterday. I pretty much thought I was done with the 'firsts' after I had my first day back at work, my first birthday without Hudson, the first anniversary.... But no, this one hit me like a truck. I started going to Zumba with my mom and yesterday one of her friends came back from vacation so she introduced me to her and the sweet little lady asked if I had any children to my mom and I overheard her ask . So I kept listening to their conversation and my mom said, "yes, but she is my daughter who lost her baby." YIKES! That seriously hit me like a train. I am the woman who's baby died.... It was so hard to hear that. And to realize that I am in that club now...It seems like you take 5 steps forward then get knocked back 10 steps.. Its a whole new learning process with life after death of your baby.

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